Excellent Electrics Soft Blade Fan

Excellence Electrics "Soft Blade Green" Table Fan. Quiet and loud has a power of 45 watt with low en..

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Prolectrix Lightweight 10-in-1 Multifunctional Han

Ideal for cleaning in kitchens, bathrooms, the car, and even some clothing, the Prolectrix Lightweig..

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Quest Foldable Travel Iron

Super smooth ironing - our special non-stick soleplate design will ensure a smooth ironing experienc..

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Road Star High Suction Power Car Vacuum Cleaner

Car Vacuum have the ability to clean up both solids and liquids, offering seemingly unlimited uses.&..

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Sabichi Travel Iron with Regular Handle

Travel Iron, 1.9m Cable, Space Saving HandleNon Stick Soleplate, Water Spray, 40ml Capacity, Water C..

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Telefunken Travel Hair Dryer

This compact 1200 Watt Red Hot Branded Hair Dryer has a clever folding handle making this the ideal ..

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