Disney Thermosteel Kids Vacuum Flask/Bottle

The 500ml Vacuum Thermosteel bottle flasks is in assorted disney characters. Double wall vacuum insu..

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Super Mario Puzzle Set

Puzzle game for children, helps with problem solving, fine motor and cognitive skills  ..

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4 in a line travel pack

Great little game for working intelligence and tactics..

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5 in 1 Exploited Wisdom Board Game

These 5 in 1 games helps to build a child's intelligence. It's fun and exciting, family members..

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A5 Zip Lock Notebook with Eraser, Sharpener, Ruler

The Brights A5 Zip Lock Notebook comes in one of three bright colours and includes a zip-lock wallet..

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Angel of Mine Activity Baby Ring

Improves colour perception abilityDevelops coordination ability in the childImproves finger flexibil..

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Animal Puzzle Mat for Kids

Animal Puzzle Mat is a cute, unique way for children to learn their colors and animals all while on ..

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Anker Kids Create - 3D Princess Scene

The 3D colouring scenes have stand up characters. Colour & Create Your Own 3D Scene by Kids Crea..

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Auto Demo Racing Car ( Remote Controlled)

Comes with front-wheeled and rear-wheeled independent suspension, super abrasion resistant rubber ti..

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Avengers Super Heroes Soft Bullet Blaster Gun

Have a great shooting dart game with this Super Heroes Soft Bullet Blaster Gun. Kids will love to fi..

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Baby Plaything Phone Toys

This toy is the best choice for children. It is also the best gift for children. Develop your child'..

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Back to School Geometry Set

Geometry set contains essential tools for any school or college student studying maths subjects...

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Barbie Moldable Foam Soap

The Barbie 250ml soap enables you to have fun in the bath. Using this great moldable soap, you can c..

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Bible Artist Pad

This fantastic large format artist pad will teach children essential Bible stories as they colour! K..

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Big Hero Pencil Case

It can be used as pencil case , cosmetic bags or pursePerfect for storing makeup brush and pencil st..

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