Super Mario Puzzle Set

Puzzle game for children, helps with problem solving, fine motor and cognitive skills  ..

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4 in a line travel pack

Great little game for working intelligence and tactics..

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5 in 1 Exploited Wisdom Board Game

These 5 in 1 games helps to build a child's intelligence. It's fun and exciting, family members..

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Bible Artist Pad

This fantastic large format artist pad will teach children essential Bible stories as they colour! K..

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Block Tech Assorted Building Blocks Bricks Collect

Block Tech Assorted Building Blocks Collection 250 PiecesIt's time to practise for the block buildin..

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Book Block Tower

A fabulous set of eight chunky board books focusing on animals. You can find out what a baby swan is..

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Crossword Travel Pad

This Crossword Travel Pad has a fantastic selection of over 100 brain busting puzzles with a range o..

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Dora the Explorer 24-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Dora The Explorer Jigsaw Puzzle Playset. Play puzzle games and essemble amazing pictures of Dora, Bo..

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Fighter Assemblies Super SWAT Lele Brother

The assembly contains a total of 72 puzzle pieces. Standard piece sizeAssembled toys for boys that a..

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Fire Response Block Rescue Team

Block tech construction blocks, fire response rescue team with 173 pieces that includes stickers, 1 ..

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Human Body Puzzle Set

Human Body Puzzle Sets, 10 self correcting puzzles sets Introducing basic more letter spelling conce..

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Kids Create - Learn to Tell the Time Educational O

Owl Teaching Clock Set for Kids 1 Large Learning Clock with Movable Hands and Over 100 Reward S..

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Kids Create - Make Your Own Cupcake Trinket Boxes

With the Make Your Own Cupcake Felt Trinket Box you can design your own unique delightful cupcake tr..

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Kids create - Make your own Mosaic by Numbers Craf

Includes: 6 Sheets of self adhesive foam squares, 3 Sheets of gems and 1 x A5 Picture board..

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Kids Create 2-in-1 Game and Puzzle

There are 48 pieces game and puzzle for your kids to create and play with both indoor and outdoor. F..

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